What color converts? Conduct free Google Analytics experiments

Infographic from Kissmetrics

We read a lot on how colors affect conversions and in some situation it mean business. Choosing the right color is never an easy task but we can get some guidance from other people who had done some research and testing of their own like the infographic above.

Once you selected and tested out the right color, it is always wise to also optimize which shades of color actually bring better conversion. Google tested 41 different gradient of blue in order to optimize click rates on call to actions.

How to test?
Google used to have a tool (Google web optimizer) that lets you do A/B testing directly on your website. However, the tool was shut and integrated with Google Analytics as of Oct 2012. For more resource on how to set up this free experiment function for your site using Google Analytics, you can take a look here.

Things to prepare before that:

  • integrate ga.js code into your website
  • have at least 2 designs ready for experiment
  • prepare spreadsheet to collect results and compare with future experiments. ideally, the spreadsheet should have the changelogs as well.
  • significant amount of traffic to perform a fair experiment quickly. the more traffic you have, the faster you can get results.

Split testing is especially insightful when you are trying to validate designs and in this case colors of the font, color of the buttons and also color of the links.

I will be conducting a lot of testing real soon and will share more takes on the Google Analytics Experiment function real soon.

Fern Yit