The Staggering Stats of China’s Mobile Sector [Infographic]

NetEase Tech released an outstanding infographic today that outlines the mobile communications market in China. Here’s our breakdown by 1) service providers; 2) mobile population; 3) smartphone market; 4) manufacturers.

Part 1: Service Providers

China has a staggering 930 million mobile users. China Mobile is the leading service provider with 628 million users, having seen a 8.8% increase for first 2 quarters of 2011 at RMB 250 billion, and realized a net earning of RMB 61 billion, a 6.3% increase.

It’s main mobile competitor, China Unicom, had total earning for the same period of RMB 101 billion, 22.9% increase, and net earnings of RMB 2.6 billion, a 5.5% decrease from 2010.

China Telecom, the service provider for all mainlines, had total earnings of RMB 120.1 billion (does not include new phone initial installation charges), an 11.7% increase, and net earning of RMB 9.71 billion, a 10.2% increase. (These earnings are from the company’s mobile services.)

Part 2: Mobile Population

China has total of 930 million mobile users, of which 628 million are under China Mobile, 186 million at China Unicom, and 113 million at China Telecom.

Part 3: Smart Phone Market

In smart phones, Android is the leading OS with 43% of market shares, while iPhone’s iOS is at 18%. Nokia, with it’s trademark Symbian OS (a semi-smart OS), is hanging on with 22%.

Netease states that 70% of mobile phones manufactured are “Made in China”.

Part 4: Manufacturers

Two local Chinese electronics companies stood out among the top mobile phone manufacturers of 2010: Huawei and ZTE.

Huawei is currently the second-largest electronics supplier in the world, grossing RMB 185 billion revenue (USD $28.06 billion) in 2010, a 24% increase from 2009. It’s core business has expanded through Europe and it’s planning to enter the enterprise solutions market, also Cloud computing.

ZTE is much smaller than Huawei and grossed RMB 70 billion (USD $10.6 billion), a 16% increase.


Mobile is picking up in China at a very fast speed. Here’s the detail statistics.